Is a Department in the Ministry of Finance which responsible for preparation of Annual budget and its salary.
Other function of the Department include:-
-    Preparation of Ministry of Finance Annual Budget.
-    Preparation of Salaries and other wages of Staff of the  Ministry
-    Issuance of personnel Sub-head Number (PSN) to newly recruited staff in the State.
-    Preparation of Special and standing imprest warrant in respect of various MDA’s
-    Responsible for raising SRV, SIV, LPO (Store Receipt voucher Store Issue Voucher Local Purchase order) and Job order respectively.
-    Responsible for imprest warrant Retirement in respect of the Ministry.
-    Processing of Estacode & Air Ticket Payment for Government official on foreign trip.
-    Preparation of electricity and water Bills in respect  of the State
-    In charge of maintaining of vote book and cash book of the Ministry.