The Department is responsible for the Conduct of Pre-Audit Inspection of all funding requests by MDAs; to the Ministry of Finance (Personnel, Overhead, Capital, as well as Special Imprest Warrant)
Others Activities of the Department Includes;
1.    Maintains and operates Vote Books of all MDA’s for recording all funding requests by MDAs, to ensure that all expenditures are in line with the approved Budgetary Provision of the State.
2.    Maintenance of mechanism in order to ensure due process are adhered to in funding requests of MDAs’
3.    Ensure that all necessary deductions are carried out in respect payment of capital and recurrent expenditures.
4.     Refers procurement documents to State Board of Survey for Inspection.
5.    Assign team from the Department to visit MDAs’ for clarification(s) of issues of funding requests, if the need arises
6.    Issues Audit – Queries to MDAs’ for correction of defective Funding request presented.