Main Accounts Department is a department under the office of the Accountant General which is responsible for safe-keeping of all vouchers and other financial documents in the voucher store. Other major responsibilities of the department includes;

  1. Preparation of State Government’s Final Accounts referred to as Accountant General’s Report on a timely basis and in conformity with existing Laws, Provisions and International Standards and best practises subscribed by Federal Government and the State.
  2. Integrating the processes of computerised systems for Financial Management Software across the MDAs.
  3. Liaises with MDA’s in ensuring that the Financial and Accounting Standard and regulations are adhered to in the preparation of their Financial Reports/Returns to the Ministry of Finance
  4. The Department corresponds with Federal Government and Donor Agencies in various aspect of data collection, tax audit, etc
  5. The Department serves as the secretariat of General Financial Reforms, such as International Public Sector Accounting Standard (IPSAS), SFTAS, and others.